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Annuals & Publications

Multiple-page documents are like giant puzzles to me, and I love the challenge of making everything fit. Adobe InDesign skills are key here for building master pages and tables, as well as being able to manage a large quantity of images and copy revisions.

AIMCo 2016 Annual Report


Adam Warner

In contrast to photo-heavy annuals, the AIMCo 2016 annual report was a refreshing change. Boldly presenting numbers and spotlights on various employees, the design was clean and typography-focused with sharp black and white photos. 

Syncrude Pathways


Michael Dangelmaier

ILLUSTRATION Chris Pecora, Helen Eady

Published annually by Syncrude,
Pathways shares inspiring success
stories and exceptional role models
from Indigenous communities across Canada. It also serves as a performance update in areas of interest to local communities.

The design of Pathways is heavy with photos, illustrations and typographic treatments. A lot of attention to detail is needed to align copy, graphics and photos, especially when crossing the gutter. A varnish is applied to various elements on the inside pages for additional impact.

I worked on Pathways from 2016-2019. 

The University of British Columbia Viewbook



Student stories, campus culture and
user-friendly program information are brought together in the University
of British Columbia’s (UBC) annual Undergraduate Viewbook. I had the opportunity to work on this project
(as well as a Student Brochure and
Admit guide) from 2016-2020. 

The 2019 Viewbook features student
photo mosaics accompanied by quotes and highlights of their UBC experience. With a grid-centric design, the Viewbook required a focus on typographic and layout detail, Photoshop work, and also included a fold-out degree list.

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