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Although most of my work is production, once in a while I get the chance to be a designer. I welcome these chances for the creative challenge and to work my artistic muscles. I’d love to do more work like this.

Award Icons

Rain was asked by Benevity’s Calgary office to create a series of icons for their employee recognition award program. The award winners are nominated by their peers and receive prizes bearing the category icon. 


Starting with the award names and using Benevity’s brand colours, I created icons inspired by comic books and pop art. The biggest challenge
with this project was interpreting
some of the more complicated award category names into a straightforward icon that represented the award.  


Ultimately, designs submitted by our creative director were chosen by the client. However, any opportunity to be part of a fun project and be creative is always a win for me.

Advent Calendar

AGENCY Trigger Communications

DESIGNERS Brian AllenJames Barry,

Jonathan Herman, Shauna Hartsook (and me!)

For their 2012 client gift, the creative
team at Trigger Communications
was inspired by the Mayan calendar prediction that the apocalypse would occur that year on Dec. 21. Creating an advent calendar labeled as a “Holiday/ Apocalypse Survival Kit”, each day contained a gift that could either be
used to help survive holiday festivities
or the end of the world.


For the typography-focused concept
and the need for two designs to promote the duality of all 24 gifts,
the project was split up between designers. Knowing that I had an interest in typography, our studio manager suggested that I help with
a set of designs. 

To this day, this is one of my favourite projects that I have worked on. I love working with type, and this was an opportunity to really show that my creativity and skills go beyond being
a production artist. 

Personal Projects

One of my goals is to further develop my creative, design and hand-lettering skills.

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