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A personal goal for 2021 is to expand my digital animation skills. While my experience so far has been with Google Web Designer, I feel the skills I have learned with it would translate to other applications.

The ‘O’ in UBC Branding


Natasha Shubaly

To bring awareness to UBC’s Okanagan Campus (UBCO), key stories were developed to showcase the great things that UBCO has to offer. From these stories, key words were used as focal points in the creative, as an anthem to say who they are, where they are, and what they do. 

Beginning with 3-frame creative concepts, I built out the animations for each ad size, making sure to keep the focus on the ‘O’ text and imagery. There were 15 ads in total, 5 of each size shown here.

UBC and UBCO Recruitment



ART DIRECTOR Richard Lantz

Being globally-ranked universities,
UBC and UBCO have no shortage of applicants. Their challenge is finding students who are the right fit. For this recruitment campaign, the focus was on bringing awareness to underrepresented programs.

Again starting with 3-frame concepts, the challenge with this series was tweaking the timing between the start and end position for each image, as the focal point was different for each ad. This project also put my project management skills to good use, as there were 12 programs represented, for 48 ads in total.

Personal Projects

A few personal animation projects
for self-promotion. Both were
hand-lettered and designed in
Adobe Illustrator, and then
animated using Adobe Photoshop.

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