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Large Scale & Installations

Building files for large scale output requires a meticulous eye for detail: when designs are scaled up from concept art, any misalignment of visuals becomes obvious. A process of minutely adjusting, aligning and measuring all text and graphic elements must be done to ensure visual perfection at full size. A lot falls into the technical side of being a production artist, and there is joy to be found in the detail work.

Syncrude Research & Development Timeline


Michael Dangelmaier


Installed in Syncrude’s Edmonton Research & Development (R&D) Centre, this mural tells the story of R&D’s contributions over the past 50+ years.

The mural is built in three layers: a back layer of vinyl wall film, a middle layer of MDF panels and a front layer of acrylic pieces and select display items. 

Getting the designer’s 11" x17" file to installation required scrutinizing every text and graphic element for perfect placement, photo retouching, and double-double-DOUBLE-checking every measurement to build a master file from which final production
could begin.

From there, the art for the vinyl wall film was split into three files, and art for every 3D element was placed into individual files. Finally, a “map” was made, each file numbered for correct placement at final install by ABL. There were 24 files in total.

Syncrude Office


Michael Dangelmaier



Earlier this year, Syncrude expanded
their office space in downtown Calgary. With this move, an interior rebranding was done.

Using the artwork and graphics of
Chris Pecora, the new office’s windows, walls and doors were transformed with murals, translucent film, frosted 3M film and a sculptural installation.


Again the careful process of turning design files to large-scale visuals had
to be followed. With the glass film install, an extra step at file building
was to flip the designs as the film was being adhered to the inside of each glass panel.


For final installation, over 300 files were built, mainly using Adobe Illustrator. 

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