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Promotional Collections

Collections bring opportunities to build a lot of distinctive pieces, while preserving the main creative vision. Production often means meeting the requirements of various vendors and understanding materials outside of traditional printing.

Alberta Beverage Container Recyling Corporation
(ABCRC) School Program


Michael Dangelmaier

ILLUSTRATION Hans Freistatter

The Recyclers School Program was developed in 2018 for ABCRC to help teachers and students better understand beverage container recycling in Alberta.


Originating with a comic book and character illustrations, artwork was
later adapted to produce teaching aids, tattoos, embroidered patches, backpacks and more.

A Recyclers board game was designed, requiring a custom-engineered storage box to be produced.

Syncrude Three Billion 
Barrels Celebration


Michael Dangelmaier

ILLUSTRATION Chris Pecora, Helen Eady

To celebrate their three billion barrels milestone in 2019, Syncrude presented employees with a gift box containing
a lanyard, enamel pin, cookies and an order card for a jacket embroidered with the new 3BB logo, specially designed for the occasion. 


The items and box were produced
by adapting graphic elements from previous Syncrude branding and the whole package was accompanied by
a celebratory pop-up card.

Building the card was a first for me and it was a great experience figuring out how to engineer the pop-up. Multiple mock-ups were built to ensure the perfect POP.

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